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Welcome to the Friendship Forest
Welcome to the Friendship Forest

Quaker Village Public School students awarded for group art project at Children's Art Show.

By Sarah Racioppa

"What is so gratifying to the committee is talking with the children about their art," says Mary Margaret Walters. "They are so happy to explain their work; what it means and how they did it." Walters is the Chairperson of the Children's Art Show Committee in Uxbridge.

The Children's Art Show is part of the Uxbridge Celebration of Arts – a tradition since 1986 whereby local artists celebrate work in music, film, visual art, and theatre.

On October 17, Walters was welcomed to Quaker Village Public School in Uxbridge where she presented teacher Laura Mombourquette and her art club students with the People's Choice Award for a group project.

From the beginning, Mombourquette knew she wanted her art club students to work on a collaborative project so she suggested they create a 'friendship forest.' "Kids made a lot of connections to the forest. We explored how different artists and photographers represented forests and it literally grew from there!", she explains.

Unique Tools Make Beautiful Art

Quaker Village PS's art club has participated many times over the past few years with Mombourquette leading the students. "The students learned various art techniques including: sketching, painting with different tools such as a comb and a sponge, as well as collaging using punches, special scissors, and a variety of papers," says Mombourquette. Over the course of three months she and 32 Quaker Village PS students in varying grades met once a week during lunch to create a group art project to enter in the Children's Art Show.

Using all of their learned techniques, the students created an award-winning piece of art called "Welcome to the Friendship Forest." This large, colourful piece includes trees, mountains, water, a bright blue sky, and hot air balloons.

Mombourquette explains, "The Friendship Forest fit nicely with the group of multi-aged kids getting together and doing what they love. I get really excited about exposing kids to different materials, showing kids techniques, and seeing where they go with the artwork."

Photo 1

"Welcome to the Friendship Forest" won the People's Choice Award for a group project at the Children's Art Show in Uxbridge. 

Photo 2

Grade 1 Teacher Laura Mombourquette (back row, centre) and her art club students are presented with the People's Choice Award by Mary Margaret Walters (back row, right).


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