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How to Register for Courses - Grade 10
Course Calendar​​​
    • ​​There is ​no login required to access the course calendar. 
    • The course calendar provides you with school and diploma information as well as course descriptions. 
Student Course Selection
    • Click on the Student Course Selection Login to load the Durham DSB Course Selection login page 
    • All individual student course selections are done through this website
    • You require a login. Your username is your 9 digit student number, and your password is your birthdate (mmddyyyy). You must create a new password and provide an email address once you login for the first time. 
    • Once you are logged in select the Course Planner from the left-hand menu bar.
    • ​Focus on either Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, or Year 12, depending on the year you are entering. 
    • You can s​elect the entire course calendar by clicking on the blue book symbol found over Year 12
For further information on Grade 10 Course Selection, please download this file.

For Course Selection Instructions, please download this file. 

 Grade 10 Compulsory Courses

    • ​​There are 5 compulsory courses highlighted in yellow and 3 elective courses in white
    • Grade 10 Compulsory courses are: English, Mathematics, Science, Canadian History Since World War 1, Careers/Civics and Citizenship
    • When selecting your compulsory courses choose the subject, click the + sign and read the five level choices. Hover over each course code to read the course description. Select one by clicking the + sign
    • You will be​ blocked from selecting a course that you do not have the pre-requisite for

 ​Grade 10 Elective Courses

    • ​On the white elective box click the + sign and click the drop down arrow for "Select a School Discipline"
    • Choose 10th Grade Electives
    • Hover over the course for more information
    • Click the + sign to select a course
    • You will​ also need to select two Alternative Elective Courses, do this by clicking on the + sign. Alternates will only be used if there is a scheduling problem. 
ou may login to the DDSB Course Selection website as many times as you like and your previous choices will be saved, however once you hit the submit button you will no longer be able to make changes to your courses. 

Once you have completed all eight course selections and two alternatives, review them with a parent/guardian and the proceed to the Final Steps. 

 ​​Grade 10 Final Steps

    • ​​​Click the submit button to send your course request to O'Neill. Once you hit the submit button you will no longer be able to make changes. Your courses are locked. 
    1. Print off the final "sign off" sheet that requires both a student and parent/guardian signature. Take the signed sheet to the Guidance office immediately! You will not be scheduled for classes until this signed sheet is returned!
Should you have any difficulties, please see a guidnace counselor.
To create a High School Education Plan, continue to enter the courses you wish to take in Grades 11 and 12. Make sure your Education Plan meets the OSSD graduation requirements as well as the pre-requisite requirements for post-secondary plans.