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O'Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute
Let Talent Flourish

Procedure and Requirements

Personal Interview

A member of the Performing Arts staff will interview candidates. We will ask music specific questions but will also ask general questions to learn more about each individual. The purpose of the personal interview is to assess musical background, general interests, character and suitability of the candidate for the program. There is no specific preparation for this interview. Please try to relax and let us get to know the "real you".

Music Audition

You will be required to:

  • Write a short theory placement quiz to assess your current theory knowledge.
  • Perform the required selection of solo music provided on our website, for voice or instrument.

                                This music will be available for you on line to prepare in December.

                                An accompaniment recording will be provided for your audition on line.

  • Play or Sing the following scales (Concert F+, Ab+ and Bb Chromatic) and a major arpeggio.
  • Sight read a piece of music on your instrument.
  • Complete an ear test, identifying major and minor triads.
  • We are looking for note/rhythmic accuracy and musicality (use of dynamics, shaped phrases, meaningful lyrics, if vocal).


Please note: We do not have a string, guitar or piano program. Students may audition on the bass guitar.

Drama Audition

  • Perform from memory the monologue provided on line to prepare in December.
  • Be willing to work with the teachers on altering the delivery of the monologue.
  • Work with the teacher on voice, gesture and movement.
  • Dramatically, students should be able to project the voice, use inflection, varied pacing and volume, appropriate movement, gesture and facial expression.  

Dance Audition

  • Participation in a short workshop of movement exploration, creative process and composition building.
  • Sharing a prepared 30 second piece of dance work created by the student themselves. During their interview, the student will be asked to talk about how they created their work.
  • Be prepared to work with your teachers to help us determine your learning style and suitability for our program.


Please note: We do not have a hip hop program