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Literacy Preparation
​How to Pass the OSSLT
Welcome students and parents to O’Neill C.V.I.’s interactive OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test) preparation website. At O’Neill, we are dedicated to helping students feel confident going into the OSSLT. The website is divided into five sections:
Section 1: Tips for Answering Short Answer Questions
Section 2: Tips for Reading and Responding to a Graphic Text
Section 3: Tips for Answering Multiple Choice Questions
Section 4: Tips for Writing a News Report
Section 5: Tips for Writing a Series of Paragraphs
Note to Students: We hope that you take the time to look through the website and watch the video blogs that demonstrate how to answer different types of questions on the test.
Note to Parents: We hope that you look through the website and use the information to help your child prepare and practice for the test.
If you have any additional questions, please contact Ms. Bernard, or Mr. Bernard at O’Neill (905-728- 7531).
*Be sure to look at the "Additional Websites" found at the bottom of this page!
Section 1: Tips For Answering Short Answer Questions

Short_Answer_Questions_HD.mp4Short Answer Questions

Section 2: Tips For Reading and Responding to a Graphic Text

OSSLT Graphic Text

Question and answers can be found here:

Section 3: Tips For Answering Multiple Choice Questions

x_choice_1_and_2_OSSLT.mp4Answering Multiple Choice Questions

Section 4: Tips For Writing a News Report

Try memorizing the following rhymes to help you remember what to include in a news report!

News_Report_OSSLT_HD.mp4News Report OSSLT

News report can be found here:
Section 5: Tips For Writing a Series of Paragraphs

Be sure to check out this rad series of paragraphs rap! Try learning the lyrics, and sing along!

Series_Of_Paragraphs_Rap.mp4Series of Paragraphs Rap

Series of Paragraphs Rap!
Once you see the question don’t be scared
Highlight the topic and you’ll be prepared
Pick one side to defend
Have three arguments you’ll be set my friend
Minimum paragraphs you need at least three
If you have five that’s alright with me
When I read your intro I need to see
A thesis and 3 arguments that would be key
If you know what I mean, sing along with me
For your body paragraphs use SEEC format
Use examples and explanations within that
Transitional words I should see
In present tense it’s gotta be
All ideas will be coming from your head
Make sure the difference in paragraphs can be read
In order to conclude, you need to restate
Your intro and three points that would be great
Additional Websites
Check out the following website for sample OSSLT questions and answers (at the bottom of the website):
Check out this website from EQAO for tips, practice tests, past tests, and students' scored answers: