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O'Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute
Let Talent Flourish
Code of Conduct
It is the policy of O’Neill Collegiate to cooperate with the police in maintaining a safe environment for our school.

 Academic Dishonesty & Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the taking of someone else’s information, ideas, or opinions and presenting them as if they are your own.  Remember: Paraphrasing also requires referencing.
How do I prevent plagiarism?  Follow good research techniques:
1.        Take point form notes.
2.        Reference all information within your assignment by using parenthetical documentation.
3.        Include a separate page of work cited or reference list.
To avoid plagiarism, it is important that you properly reference the information you use.  It is recommended that you keep copies of your rough drafts and works in progress. When you are researching, be sure to write down all vital referencing information so that you will be prepared when it is time to submit your assignment.  Depending on the course, you will be expected to follow either the MLA or APA referencing guidelines.  If you are unsure of the format required, check with your teacher. 
Plagiarism Protocol
O’Neill C.V.I. has an established Plagiarism Protocol.  Each department, at the beginning of the course, will inform students of the nature of plagiarism, strategies for avoiding it, and consequences.  See course syllabus for more information.
O’Neill C.V.I. teachers may use an electronic plagiarism prevention service to check for originality and proper citation of sources.
·          Students are expected to appropriately acknowledge ideas/words borrowed from others. Plagiarism is considered a very serious offence.
Reasons & Consequences
·          Students are expected to follow the accepted protocol.
·          Students must conduct themselves in an accepted, ethical manner.
·          O’Neill is attempting to be proactive in eliminating plagiarism and maintaining the academic integrity at the school.
·          Plagiarized assignments may receive a mark of zero.  (See course syllabus.)
·          Cheating (including the intent to cheat) on tests, exams, or other assignments is determined by the teacher, in consultation with administration, and will result in a mark of zero.
·          Parent notification
·          Suspension

 Assemblies & Field Trips


·          Expectations for behaviour in school assemblies/meetings and other student gatherings (e.g. field trips) are the same as for the classroom.
·          At assemblies/ field trips, Behaviours which are disruptive are not acceptable.
Reasons & Consequences
·          Disruptions hinder other students’ learning and enjoyment of activities.
·          Students who do not behave appropriately at assemblies may lose the privilege of attending school-sponsored functions and activities.


·          Students are expected to attend all classes on time.
Reasons & Consequences
·          Good attendance and punctuality are essential for academic success.  As well, the development of critical thinking skills, group interaction, and good work habits depend upon regular attendance of all students. Prospective employers are concerned about attendance records.
·          Failure to comply will result in the student being considered truant.  The same consequences will apply as for classes missed for unacceptable reasons.
Students are responsible for all work and/or assignments missed due to any absence.  Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with each department’s policy regarding the accessing of work missed, absence during tests, and the late submission of assignments.
·          Notes concerning absences are to be given to the homeroom teacher/main office, to be placed in a file.  Students need to provide valid reasons for absences (“For personal reason” is not valid).  All notes should include the date on the note, the date of the absence, the full name of student, the reasons for the absence and the parent’s signature.  A student who has taken ill must report to the office.  The receptionist will contact the parents for their decision regarding the illness.
·          A note from a parent is required for any absence or prior to “signing out” during the day.
·          Students 18 years and older may sign their own notes provided both the Vice-Principal and parents have given permission.  Students who are 18 must arrange an interview with a Vice-Principal to seek approval to write their own notes.  The Vice-Principal has the right to rescind this privilege if a student abuses this privilege in any way.
Reasons & Consequences
·          Poor attendance affects the assessment and evaluation process.
·          This is a privilege which students may enjoy as long as they accept the responsibility for appropriate procedures and behaviours.
·          In the case of prolonged absences, special arrangements may be made with the school to assist the students in keeping up with work missed.
·          Parental contact will be made if a student misses a class without a valid reason.  If the student is under the age of 18, the attendance counselor may be informed.  A student who misses a class without a valid reason, may face office consequences including suspension.
·          Students with notes are expected to obtain a Sign-Out Slip in the office by 8:15 a.m.
·          Reasons for the sign-out must be clearly stated in the note. Students with notes explaining an absence for a partial day are to sign in at the office immediately upon their return.
·          Forgery of notes is a serious offence.
Reasons & Consequences
·          The school is responsible for maintaining accurate attendance records.
·          The school is accountable for student whereabouts in an emergency situation.
·          Failure to properly sign-in/out is considered truancy and the consequences for truancy will apply.
·          Students who forge notes or misrepresent themselves as parents or guardians will be suspended.

 School Events (Athletic & School Trips)

All the expectations for in-school behaviour apply during these events.
·          Students must be present for the regular school day and attend classes to participate on the day of the event.
·          Students are responsible for informing their teachers (sign-up sheet) of an extended absence due to an extra-curricular activity, or an extended school trip.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all work is completed.
Reasons & Consequences
·          If students are too ill to attend school then they are too ill to participate in co-curricular activities even when a note is provided.
·          Participation in these events is a privilege which students may enjoy as long as they accept responsibility for following appropriate procedures and behaviours.
·          The student will not be allowed to participate in the co-curricular activities for the day.
·          Students with poor attendance, behaviour and poor academic performance may be denied the privilege of participating in school events, and other school related activities.

School Dances
·          Students must be present for the regular school day and attend all classes to participate in this event.
·          Students must purchase tickets in advance to be able to attend.
·          Students are responsible for the behaviour of their guests.
·          Outer garments, (coats, etc.) are to be removed upon entry. Students must remain in the dance facility.
·          Consumption and/or ingestion of alcohol or any other illegal substances are strictly prohibited.
Reasons & Consequences
·          Participation in these events is a privilege which students may enjoy as long as they accept responsibility for following appropriate procedures and behaviour.
·          Students will be denied re-entry if they leave the facilities.
·          If students are asked to leave, monies will not be refunded.
·          Students violating school expectations may receive school consequences ie. suspension, police involvement, expulsion.


·          Parents are asked to make every effort to avoid withdrawing their children from school for vacations.  Should this be unavoidable, students are still responsible for all work missed. Students must inform their teachers well in advance. Students must complete the EXTENDED ABSENCE PERMISSION form, which is available from the main office.  Students MUST meet with their Vice-Principal two weeks before the extended absence.
·          Every effort must be made not to withdraw students from school during the summative evaluation period and scheduled exams.
Reasons & Consequences
·          Missing school disrupts the learning process for students.  Assessment and evaluation are on-going.
·          Students are responsible for any work missed due to vacations.
·          Examinations are on fixed dates on the school calendar.  Examinations cannot be rescheduled to accommodate travel or work schedules.


·          Bicycles must be locked and stored in the designated area on the north side of the school (outside of the art rooms).
·          All cyclists must wear approved helmets.
Reasons & Consequences
·          The bicycle rule is in place in order to minimize loss or damage to student property.
·          The bike racks are beside a teaching area and could cause disruptions to the class.
·          Students will lose the privilege of bringing their bicycles onto school property.


·          Students are expected to behave in a responsible and mature fashion which exhibits a respect for safe bus riding practices.  Students must obey the directions of bus drivers at all times.Reasons & Consequences
·          O.C.V.I. students and staff support preventative safety measures.
·          Safety of all those on the bus is a prime concern.  If a driver’s attention is diverted from the road, a serious accident can occur.
·          Riding a school bus is a privilege not a right.
·          Bus privileges may be temporarily removed for a first offence.
·          Persistent, unsafe behaviour will result in permanent suspension of bus privileges to and from school and suspension from school.  Parents will be notified.  In addition, bus privileges for school activities will also be re-evaluated.

 Commitment to Social Harmony

·          O’Neill C.V.I. will not tolerate behaviour by students, staff, parents, or community members which insults, degrades, or stereotypes any race, gender sexuality, sexual orientation, physical condition, ethnic group, or religion. Staff and students must report any such behaviour to administration immediately.
Reasons & Consequences
·          Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.  Students’ personal rights end when they violate the rights of another person.
·          A student has the right to make a formal complaint if he/she has been harassed. Speak to your teacher, Administrator and/or Student Services.
·          The principal of any school may recommend to The Durham District School Board the expulsion of any student who persists in unacceptable conduct as determined by the severity of the offence and the previous record of offences (Refer to “Disciplinary Consequences for Serious Incidents”).

 Conflict Resolution

Conflicts in a school setting disrupt the school and community.  To deal with a situation proactively before conflict occurs: 
Ø  Students must contact a teacher, counsellor, or administrator immediately.  Students who are experiencing difficulty are expected to bring their concerns to the attention of staff so that staff can help resolve the issues before they escalate.
Ø  Students encouraging conflict will face school consequences.  Any refusal to clear the area immediately will result in consequences.
Ø  Students involved in disruptive conflicts (such as verbal abuse, harassment, threats, profanity) will be referred to the office.
Ø  Students who have a disagreement with a teacher are expected to deal with the situation in an appropriate time, place, and manner.
Ø  Students who are asked to leave the classroom by the teacher must report to the office immediately
Ø  Students who are directed to the office by any staff member must do so without question.
Ø  Students must provide their full name when requested by a staff member.
Ø  Penalties for misconduct range from a warning to detentions to suspensions or expulsion.
Ø  No matter what the provocation, any physical conflict will result in consequences for those involved.  Play-fighting is also unacceptable at school.  Students should expect police involvement for any violent incident in a school. 
Ø  O’Neill CVI is a safe and inclusive place to learn.  Any type of bullying* will not be tolerated and will lead to serious disciplinary consequences.  Cyber bullying, including posting unwanted audio and visual images of students and staff on the internet may lead to suspension and/or expulsion. 
Ø  *Bullying is a typical form of repeated, persistent, and aggressive behaviour directed at an individual or individuals that is intended to cause (or should be known to cause) fear and distress and/or harm to another person’s body, feelings, self-esteem, or reputation.  Bullying occurs in a context where there is a real or perceived power imbalance.

 Good Neighbour Policy

·          Students will not congregate at the Mary St. and Adelaide St. stores, on the sidewalks, or near the stores.
·          Students will not gather at or sit on curbs or neighbourhood  lawns in the O’Neill area.
Reasons & Consequences
·          The good reputation of the school is the responsibility of all staff and students.
·          The staff and students of O.C.V.I. are expected to ensure that our neighbours are treated with consideration and respect.
·          Violation of the “good neighbour” policy may result in suspension and police involvement

 Computers, The Internet & Moodle

Students will comply with all school, Durham District and Ontario Code of Conduct rules and practices concerning the use of computers, the Internet and Moodle.  Computers must be used appropriately by all students and staff.  Inappropriate use includes, but is not limited to:
·          disruption of the use of the network by others
·          including unauthorized connecting/disconnecting computer equipment
·          harassment of others
·          destruction  or damage of equipment
·          exiting to DOS without permission from teacher
·          adding or deleting files from the network
·          appropriation of data or software
Reasons & Consequences
·          Access to the computers and the Internet is a privilege.
·          Computer and Internet use is intended for legitimate educational use only.
·          It is impossible to eliminate/block all materials not suitable for student use.
·          Students who use these resources in an inappropriate way may:  be denied the privilege of continued use, face suspension/expulsion, and face legal action.
Students are NOT permitted to tamper with the school computer system.  Tampering with the school computer system will lead to police involvement and prosecution under the Criminal Code, Section 430, Subsection 1.1 MISCHIEF RELATED TO DATA.
All computer users must be aware of and comply with the Durham District School Board’s Acceptable and Safe Use procedure #3101 available for viewing through the board web site.  Acceptable and Safe Use Procedure for Computer Technology and Student Moodle Agreement forms must be signed and on file each school year with O’Neill C.V.I. prior to student computer access and use.

 Electronic Device Policy

Respectful use of personal electronic devices is expected when on school property.  Electronic devices are to be turned off during class, unless specifically directed by the classroom teacher.   No phone calls are permitted within the school building.  Failure to respect this policy will result in the following consequences:
               First offence: student will take device to the office where it will be stored, and the student will pick it up at 3:30 p.m.;
               Second offence: student will take device to the office where it will be stored, but it must be picked up by a parent/guardian;
               Third offence: at home suspension;
               Additional offences: discretion of the administrator
Under NO circumstances are students to videotape, record or photograph anyone without authorization.  Any violation of this policy may result in suspension, police involvement and/or expulsion.


·          Teachers will assign homework and it is the student’s responsibility to complete it on schedule and submit it on due dates.
·          It is the student’s responsibility to arrive prepared for class with all required materials.
·          Students must be prepared for all tests and examinations on the dates specified by teachers and/or administrators.
·          All student work must reflect good judgment and the moral tone of the school.
Reasons & Consequences
·          Homework completion is essential for understanding and reinforcing all aspects of course curriculum.
·          Good work habits are critical to success.
·          Lack of materials hinders participation and disrupts learning.
·          Failure to meet homework responsibilities may negatively affect student evaluation.
·          Persistent offences may result in:  lost participation, assignment and/or test marks, and use of out-of-class time to complete assignments or missed tests.

 Litter, Vandalism, Theft & Loitering

·          Students are expected to respect school property and the neighbourhood (school area, equipment, grounds, school buses, parking area, neighbourhood houses/stores, etc.) and report incidents of littering, vandalism, theft and loitering.
·          Students will not sit or loiter in halls, doorways and stairwells blocking passage.  Students will not congregate in washrooms nor sit on school floors.
·          Students should not linger at lockers during class time.
·          Students with spares are not to be in the halls during class time.
·          Students who are asked to pick up litter (even litter other than their own) are expected to cooperate with the staff request.
Reasons & Consequences
·          It is everyone’s duty to share in maintaining a clean, healthy and safe environment.
·          Vandalism and theft are criminal offences.
·          Loitering or sitting in hallways may block fire exits and access routes.
·          Health & Safety reasons.
·          Vandalism and theft will result in police involvement; suspensions and replacement/repair of damaged items/property.
·          Safety is very important.  Continual violation may result in a detention and/or suspension.
·          Students responsible for littering will be assigned clean-up duty and/or detentions.

 Skateboards and Roller Blades

·          The use of skateboards and roller blades is not permitted on O’Neill property.  Roller blades must be taken on and off at the sidewalk. While on school property, skateboards and roller blades are to be stored in lockers.
Reasons & Consequences
·          Student safety, liability and property damage.
·          It is a privilege to use roller blades/skateboards as a form of transportation.
·          Skateboards and rollerblades may be confiscated.
·          Repeat offences may result in suspension and/or the loss of the privilege to bring rollerblades and skateboards to school.

 Respect for Self, Others, And Authority

Students will:
·          Be courteous, and show respect for members of the school community
·          Comply with school rules, policies & procedures, and the DDSB Harassment Prevention Policy.
·          Refrain from inappropriate displays of affection.
·          Identify themselves to staff members, and/or accompany staff member to the office without question when asked.
·          Leave the area and report to the office immediately/directly when asked by a staff member.
Reasons & Consequences
·          Rules, policies and procedures create a safe and orderly environment for learning.
·          Compliance with people in positions of authority in the school is required for the safe and orderly operation of a school.
·          Inappropriate behaviour may result in:
-     counseling by a teacher
-     referral to the office        
-     parental notification
-     exclusion from class, class excursions and/or activities
-     office consequences including suspension
·          Students who fail to correctly identify themselves or report to the office upon request will be suspended.

 Respectful Language

·          The use of profane or improper language, conduct detrimental to the moral tone of the school, or to the physical or mental well-being of others is forbidden.
Reasons & Consequences
·          Verbal and physical abuse is unacceptable conduct both in school and in society.
·          Students who engage in verbal or physical abuse may face suspension/expulsion.


·          Students will practice all aspects of safe working procedures and conduct throughout the school and the work place.
·          Eating and drinking is permitted only in the cafeteria, and the activity room at lunch. Food and drinks will be confiscated in the halls and classrooms.  Food from outside sources is not permitted in the school.  (i.e. fast food, restaurants)
·          Remediation hall (cafeteria) is available to students on spares. The students’ Code of Conduct and school rules pertaining to classrooms apply to remediation hall.
·          Backpacks, large bags and purses large enough to act as a carrier must not be taken to class and should be placed in an assigned locker.
·          Students will conduct themselves in a safe and courteous manner with respect to traffic in and around the school parking lot.
·          Making and throwing of snowballs are not permitted.
·          Students requiring Medical Alert Bracelets/jewelry must wear them at all times.
·          Parents must inform the school of special medical requirements of students (e.g. EPI-PEN).    
·          Any medication, prescription or otherwise, is to be controlled by the student and not shared with others under any circumstances.
·          Students’ general attire will be appropriate to the learning situation (e.g. hair styles, clothes, rings, jewelry and certain types of footwear must not present a safety hazard).
·          Students participating in Technological Studies and Science shall wear protective devices where and whenever applicable to the specific class.
·          Students, staff, and guests are asked to limit the use of fragrant scent products in the school building.
Reasons & Consequences
·          A safe environment benefits everyone, both in the school setting and on work education programs.
·          Food/beverage spillage is both dangerous (i.e. slippery floor) and unhealthy.
·          Backpacks have become a safety issue in the hallways and classrooms.
·          Sharing of medications may cause accidents to happen i.e. allergic reactions in others.
·          By law, our school follows the rules and regulations of the Occupational Health, Safety Act (Act that applies to Industry and Construction) and the Education Act.  .
·          Following the appropriate requirements means:  eliminating accidents, staying healthy, working and learning without losses; personal and/or financial.
·          Students and staff have the right to a safe, clean and healthy environment and have the responsibility to keep it so.
·          Inappropriate behaviour will result in referral to a Vice-Principal which may result in: parent notification, removal of privileges, suspension from school.
·          Students who refuse to follow accepted safety practices as outlined in the Ontario Health and Safety Act will be excluded from doing practical work and may be suspended or removed from classes as required.
·          Students bringing packs, bags, or purses may be asked to put them in their lockers and make up the time after class.
·          Continued violations will result in:  parent notification, referral to the Vice-Principal or Principal.
·          Detentions, suspension(s).
·          Students found sharing medications will be sent to the office for further discussion with authorities and parents. Suspension may result.
·          Students may return to practical work areas only after they have satisfied the safety requirements for attire/protective devices necessary for individual learning situations.
·          As caring individuals in a contained school space we want to be considerate of those who are susceptible to health endangerment.


·          Students serving an out-of-school suspension must not appear on school property.
·          The student, accompanied by a parent/guardian will be interviewed prior to re-admittance after the suspension.
Reasons & Consequences
·          For suspension of a student, see Ontario School:  CODE OF CONDUCT.
·          Students appearing on school property during an out-of-school suspension may be subject to additional suspensions and may be charged with trespassing.


·          Smoking, holding a lit cigarette, cigar, E-cigarette, or sharing tobacco with someone under the age of 19 is not permitted on school property (Section 9, Tobacco Control Act.)
·          Students who wish to smoke in the designated smoking area (Mary St. sidewalk adjacent to the parking lot) must be of legal age and follow the school procedures.
·          Students are not permitted to smoke in any other area around the school, including the front and sides of the property.
·          As part of our “Good Neighbour” policy, students are not to smoke or congregate in the area directly in front of the school, or building to the north and south on Simcoe St.
·          Students who smoke at the Mary St. designated area are expected to be courteous and not block the sidewalk or reduce visibility for cars arriving/leaving the parking lot.
·          The designated smoking area is not to be used during regular class time, homeroom time or during a spare period. This area may only be used prior to the beginning of school, at lunch hour and after school.
Reasons & Consequences
·          Students and staff have the right to a safe, clean and healthy environment and have the responsibility to make sure that it exists, without infringing on the rights of our neighbours.
·          The good neighbour policy may be reinforced by the community liaison office.
·          Students that smoke on school property will be charged under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and may be suspended from school.
The Smoke-Free Ontario Act (SFOA) prohibits smoking tobacco anywhere on school property which includes but is not limited to school parking lots, school driveways, or inside cars located on school property.  This law applies to everyone including students, staff, parents, and visitors. 

 Substance Abuse

·          Students are not allowed to attend school or any school activities under the influence or possession of alcohol and/or the control of drugs or intoxicating substances.
Reasons & Consequences
·          The Durham District School Board’s Substance Abuse Policy applies to students on school property or in activities under the jurisdiction of the school.
·          Safety issues for self and others.
·          Students found in possession, under the influence, or distributing any substance as defined in the Board policy are eligible for penalties that range from suspension to expulsion and may involve the police.

 School Notices & Posters

          All posters/notices and their location in the school must be approved with a signature of a Vice-Principal or Principal.
          Bulletin boards and the cafeteria may be used for displaying approved names/posters.
          Only school-related/sponsored activities may be advertised.
          Bulletins and flyers may not be distributed in or around the school area or the smoking area.
          Students are responsible for the removal of the approved material they put up.
Reasons & Consequences
          Safety and Security
          Promote student self-management and organization.
          It is everyone’s duty to have a share in maintaining a clean, healthy and safe environment.
          Posters/notices without initials of an administrator, will be removed.
          Students will receive detentions or be suspended depending on the nature of the infraction.


          Anyone who is not a registered student or a staff member must report to the office.
          Students and staff who notice people who do not belong on the property should immediately notify the main office.
          Students will not invite ‘friends’ to visit them on school property
Reasons & Consequences
          School property is private property and students and staff have the responsibility to keep the school safe.
          Student visitors can be disruptive to classes and are not covered under the liability insurance.
          A person who persists in “visiting” will be charged with trespassing.
          Visitors not following procedures will be asked to leave school property.
          Trespassers are liable for prosecution under the Trespass Act.

 Textbooks, Resources & Lockers

          Students will use school property (textbooks, uniforms, lockers, etc.) with care, and return all items in good condition on designated dates.
          Lockers must be secured with an approved lock and combination must be on record in the office. Dudley combination locks have been approved for use and may be purchased in the main office.  Key locks are not permitted.
·          Lockers must only be used to store school related materials and authorized personal items.  Students are responsible for the contents of the lockers.  Illegal or unsafe items in lockers may lead to school consequences based on Progressive Discipline and/or criminal charges.
          Lockers are to be kept clean and food is not to be left in lockers overnight.
          Students are expected to use only the lockers assigned to them and not to share their locker combinations with others. Students are not permitted to put any offensive literature and/or posters in their lockers.  Students are not permitted to decorate lockers.
          Lockers are the property of the Durham District School Board and not the property of the student and must not be damaged, defaced or misused
          Due Warning:  Students and parents are hereby notified that school administrators have the authority, with reasonable suspicion,  to search personal property and lockers.  This may involve the assistance of canine drug dogs.  This right to search is established to assist school administration in providing “for the safety and welfare of all students and staff” under the Education Act.
          School administrators  have a right to seize contraband material. Illegal contraband will be held by an administrator for evidence in disciplinary proceedings, and will be turned over to a police officer.
          Participation in school run activities may require payment of fees.
          Students are responsible for all materials signed-out from the Resource Centre with the Student I.D. card.  Students must not sign out resources for others.
Reasons & Consequences
·          It is expensive to replace lost or damaged books and equipment.  Students must take care of the property assigned to them.
·          Lockers and painted surfaces are being damaged as a result of the adhesive products being used.
·          Fees are used  to enhance school programmes
·          Students who willfully deface or destroy school property will compensate the Board of Education and may face suspension and possible legal action.
·          Students who damage or deface lockers will be required to clean the lockers and/or pay for the damage.
·          Students who do not comply will be referred to the office for further disciplinary action.
·          Use of lockers by unauthorized students will result in school consequences.  Students must pay for lost or damaged textbooks, library books or equipment.
·          Failure to make appropriate payment /restitution, or replace the damaged/lost materials will result in temporary suspension or other school privileges, including loan of further materials, computer privileges and extracurricular opportunities.

 Vehicles and Parking

Students are encouraged to use public transit to help prevent traffic congestion
          Students must apply for a parking permit at the school office in order to park on school property.  Permits are not transferable.
          Student permit-holders may park in assigned parking spots only.  All other spots are reserved.  Students are encouraged to arrive at school early as student parking spaces are limited.  Having a student permit does not guarantee a parking space on any given day or time.
          Student permit-holders will operate motor vehicles in a safe and sensible manner.
          Students are expected to lock their vehicles and vacate the parking lot directly.
          Students will not sit in parked cars or stand anywhere close to parked cars.  Students are to enter their vehicles and depart promptly from the parking lot in an orderly manner.
          The school is not responsible for the safety/security of student cars or their contents. 
Reasons & Consequences
          Parking at the school is limited.  Staff, visitors and students will have assigned parking areas.
          Emergencies may necessitate fire trucks, ambulances or other vehicle access.
          Serious personal injury can result from unsafe driving practices.
          Students loitering in the parking area present concerns regarding safety and property.
          Referral to Administration.
          Student vehicles without parking permits and student vehicles parked in areas other than those authorized, may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Students will also receive disciplinary action from school administration.
          Cars may be TOWED away at the owner’s expense. 
          Parking privileges will be removed and other discipline may result.

 Weapons/Dangerous Devices

(including but not limited to: knives, guns, bats, aerosol or pump sprays, or any other item which may cause physical injury). 
          Laser pointers are not permitted in the school building.
          Questionable items used in theatrical or other presentations must be cleared by the office.
          Students may not bring weapons or replicas on school property.
          Students may not make or throw snowballs on or around school property.
          Cherry pickers may only be used by staff and students certified by the DDSB.
Reasons & Consequences
·          Staff and students have the right to a safe environment.
·          The weapon shall be confiscated; parents and police will be notified and suspension/expulsion may occur.
·          Criminal charges may be laid. Illicit items will be given to the police.
·          Students making or throwing snowballs may be suspended.
·          Students using Laser Pointers as per DDSB memo dated 98-99-014 may be suspended.