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If your son/daughter's coach/teacher has indicated that your son/daughter has sustained a blow to the head, then it is imperative that your son/daughter be examined by a doctor to determine if a concussion has been sustained. Whether or not a concussion has been sustained this form must be signed. If there has been no concussion, then your son/daughter can return to school. If a concussion has been sustained, the protocol must be followed as outlined on the form, in order to return to school. Please bring the form with you, completed, upon return so that a copy can be placed in the OSR.

If you have any questions feel free to call the school and speak to a Vice Principal.

Concussion Form Package Parents

Concussion Procedure Handbook Parents

These pages provide information for the doctor about the concussion protocol and information for parents/guardians about symptoms to look for that indicate that a concussion has been sustained. Please remember that only a doctor can diagnose or rule out a concussion.