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O'Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute
Let Talent Flourish

​Visual Arts Network of Greater O’Neill Monograph and Constitution

Mission Statement:

More than merely a Parent-School partnership, V.A.N.G.O., the Visual Arts Network of Greater O’Neill, is a true community network dedicated to supporting the Visual Arts Program at O’Neill.

Strategic Directions:
- Developing and implementing high profile vehicles for showcasing student talent throughout our region and province.
- Furnishing students with artistic, educational, and financial opportunities within the O.C.V.I. community.
- Raising O.C.V.I. Visual Arts Program profile within the Region.
- Securing additional funding sources for the Program, and financial/material assistance for its students.

Introduction/History of V.A.N.G.O.:
V.A.N.G.O. is a unique organization committed to supporting and enhancing the work of the Visual Arts Program at O.C.V.I. With its passionate but flexible mandate, such support includes, but is not limited to, furnishing students with Artistic, Educational, Financial, and Co-operative Educational opportunities within the local O.C.V.I. community. A true community network, V.A.N.G.O. is more than merely a Program-based Parent-Teacher Group. In addition to Art educators and interested Art Program parents, V.A.N.G.O. is composed of local artists, art materials merchants, and City authorities responsible for downtown beautification initiatives and prestigious civic commissions.
Since 1995 V.A.N.G.O. has advocated with great success for the O.C.V.I. Visual Arts Program and its students. Such advocacy has included, for example, the facilitating of such artistic/educational opportunities as: workshops by local artists; murals and the semi-annual Festival of Hydrants within the Downtown Core; the arranging of financial support for students in the form of discounted/donated Art materials; providing ad hoc scholarships for worthy/needy students, etc. For example, Versace designer and former O.C.V.I. Art Program student Somsack Sikhounmuong was the beneficiary of a variety of V.A.N.G.O. additional learning opportunities, while a V.A.N.G.O.-arranged ad hoc scholarship fund enabled him to pursue his dream of attending the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York. Through efforts such as these, V.A.N.G.O. has ensured that O’Neill has continued, and continues today, to “Let Talent Flourish”.

V.A.N.G.O. Membership

Terms of Reference:

- V.A.N.G.O Membership and Structure:
V.A.N.G.O. membership is open to any stakeholder in, or supporter of, the Visual Arts Program, be they parent, educator, alumnus, or community member, with sub-committees responsible for specific project-initiatives being formed as required. In addition to permanent members, who shall ideally serve for a minimum two-year term, certain community members shall have the status of members-at-large – that is, serving for the duration of a project or initiative. The Executive shall serve for the aforementioned two-year term, with O.C.V.I. Visual Arts staff serving as Chairperson(s), with the following positions being filled by permanent members: Chair and Vice-Chair (known collectively as Chairpersons), Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Artist in Residence.
Committee Members – Roles and Responsibilities:
Roles of Permanent Members:
- Members shall attend meetings. (Meetings shall generally be the final Tuesday in each month, with the possible exceptions of periods of peak teacher workload such as Mark Reporting/Report Card Time/Exams, etc.)
- Members shall discuss and debate at meetings.
- Members shall have access to the minutes of all meetings.
- Members shall keep updated on important information or events that would affect the stakeholders, e.g. participation in the Ontario Association of Specialty Program Schools.
Responsibilities of Permanent Members:
- In the interests of continuity, ideally members shall serve a two-year term.
- Members shall attend meetings regularly and punctually (contact the chairperson(s) if you cannot attend a meeting or know you will be late)
- Members shall maintain confidentiality when required.
- Members shall work as a team/as members of a supportive artistic community.
- Members shall be knowledgeable in their respective areas of responsibility/sub-committee work.
- Members shall carry out assigned tasks professionally/to the best of their ability.
Roles and Responsibilities of Members-at-Large:
- shall be as stated above, except that length of term and attendance at
occasions for V.A.N.G.O. project work shall be as required/connected to the duration of a particular project-initiative.