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Ignite Learning
Athletes Doing Accessible Programs Through Sport

The ADAPTS program in partnership with the Durham District School Board (DDSB) provides student-athletes with special needs a variety of opportunities for personal growth through sport thereby increasing the awareness of athletic designates, physical education department heads, administration and board support services to opportunities.

The main objective of the ADAPTS program is to have four ADAPTS events occurring over the course of the academic year.  These events will be administered according to the same protocols, policies, guidelines, and structures as other DDSB events.
The ADAPTS program is coordinated through a committee comprised of the DDSB co-curricular athletic program coordinator, the DDSB program facilitator - arts, health, and physical education and the ADAPTS coordinator.
The ADAPTS program will:
  • provide opportunities for all students with special needs to participate in team and individual sports at an appropriate level of friendly competition
  • honour the effort and physical abilities of all our athletes
  • provide opportunities for all students with special needs to develop their physical abilities and capacity in an environment of friendly competition
  • develop positive character attributes and self-esteem in all participants
  • introduce a variety of sports and activities to students with special needs in a safe and supportive environment
  • encourage all students with special needs to be physically active throughout their lives.
  • improve the integration of students with special needs into the community of secondary schools.
  • foster a network of friends and colleagues across communities, schools and boards of education.

Contact us for more information:

Gina Waduck, DDSB athletic program coordinator

DDSB Education Centre

Angela Davis, DDSB Facilitator, Physical Education

DDSB Education Centre




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