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Durham District School Board
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Parent and Community Involvement

To read more on any one of the foundations of Parent and Community Involvement in Schools, please click on one of the titles listed above.


At the DDSB, we have a long tradition of working with all members of our school communities. Research tells us that when families are engaged with their children’s life and learning at school, student achievement improves. In the DDSB, there are many ways that families can become involved with their children’s school and learning. Our schools use websites and agendas to promote and inform families about classroom and school activities. These tools can help parents and guardians to engage in conversations with their children about their learning.
We welcome your involvement in our schools. As such, we encourage families to have open, productive communication with teachers and the school.
We are committed to fostering student success by
cultivating effective partnerships between our
schools and our communities.

We also welcome and encourage families to become involved in School Community Councils (SCC), which provide a vital link between school, home and community. For more information on how to do so, please visit the School Community Council page on this website.
The SCC is a forum for parents, guardians and other members of the community to contribute to school life. We greatly value the input provided by SCCs at the DDSB.
For more information, please conta​ct the office of the Superintendent of Education/Ajax Schools/School Community Councils.