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MALE VOICES is an opportunity for DDSB schools to highlight male engagement in the lives of children.  It has been recognized, through research and study, that male* engagement in the lives of students has numerous positive impacts on their success and achievement academically, and in life. (*The term ‘male’ is an inclusive term, referring to all parents and mentors who self-identify as male.)  In this regard, questions were posed to engaged male parents/guardians in various DDSB schools.  The goal of the questions was to elicit, gather, and celebrate stories from the perspective of male parents/guardians about their own engagement with their kids.    These stories are being collected under the auspices of the Parent Reaching Out Grant Committee to highlight the importance of male engagement in student success and achievement.  Stories were invited from male parents/guardians of a variety of diverse social realities including, but not limited to, the following:  ancestry; culture/heritage; family;  gender; gender identity; language; physical and/or intellectual ability; race; religion; sexual orientation; socioeconomic status.

To view the parent reflections regarding Male Voices engagement from all Areas within the Durham District School Board, please click below:




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