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Academy for Student Athlete Development (A.S.A.D.) Open Evening & Information Session

March 03, 2017

​March 27, 2017 - We are delighted to announce the Academy for Student Athlete Development (A.S.A.D.) will be hosting an open evening & information session in partnership with the Durham District School Board (DDSB) on Monday, March 27 from 6pm – 8pm at the Abilities Centre. If your child is currently engaged in high performance sport, or is striving to compete at the provincial or national levels of competition, we would like to extend an invitation to you to come and learn more about how the Academy could benefit your child academically, athletically and psychosocially.

The Academy for Student Athlete Development (A.S.A.D.) is a unique high performance athletic program that is designed for student athletes in grades 9-12 in conjunction with the Durham District School Board, Provincial and National Sport Organizations, Neurochangers and Elite Training Systems. Each student athlete enrolled in A.S.A.D. is considered full time equivalency, which ensures eligibility and effective preparation for next level placement in Canada, United States, and internationally. Student athletes will spend half their day at the world class Abilities Centre campus, and the other half at a school within the DDSB. Academically, student athletes will be provided with individualized learning programs which will align with their Individual Pathway Plans. The individualized learning plans will be designed in collaboration with A.S.A.D. staff, school guidance counsellors, students and parents/guardians. Athletically, student athletes will be provided with targeted athletic development plans consisting of long term athlete development & sport specific coaching, strength & conditioning, sports medicine, sports nutrition, sports psychology/mental skills training and lifestyle management.

The A.S.A.D. program is evidence directed, with our internal research department implementing an in-depth evaluation strategy. We have witnessed significant improvements in both academic and athletic development in student athletes, and we will be delighted to share these findings with you during the information session.

If you would like to attend the Academy for Student Athlete Development open evening and information session, please register here.

Alternatively, you can also RSVP directly to Chad Larabie, Supervisor, A.S.A.D. at (647)-669-4831 or or learn more at

We look forward to welcoming you on March 27.