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Changing Cannabis Laws – Rules, Guidelines and Resources

October 16, 2018

The laws for cannabis use are changing on October 17th. As it applies in our schools, here are a few of the basic rules that will need to be followed. For more information regarding the rules and laws in Ontario, visit the provincial website

Cannabis Laws, Rules & Guidelines -
Durham District School Board would like to remind staff, students and parents that:

  1. The use of cannabis on school property will remain prohibited by the new cannabis legislation,
  2. The use of cannabis is restricted to persons aged 19 years or older, and
  3. Students who attend school while under the influence of cannabis or are believed to be under the influence of cannabis (unless medically prescribed by a licensed physician) will be subject to progressive discipline under DDSB Policies.

Click here to view as a graphic.

The Blunt Truth -
Further to the changing cannabis laws, we'd also like to share this handy and easy-to-read tip sheet "The Blunt Truth" created by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

"Click here for full infographic"

The DDSB does not endorse recreational drug use by our staff, students or our larger school community.


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