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Students Celebrate Lincoln Alexander Day with Dwight Drummond

Dwight DrummondAs the school community of students, staff and parents from Lincoln Alexander Public School celebrated the legacy of Lincoln Alexander they were joined by Dwight Drummond, journalist for CBC Television in Toronto to participate in the celebration.

Drummond shared his story with the students of Lincoln Alexander Public School on how perseverance and determination helped him overcome a variety of obstacles and achieve success.

Drummond told students of his personal relationship with Lincoln Alexander after getting into journalism and the encouragement received from the school's namesake for him to continue to be better in all his endeavours.

"Lincoln Alexander did what was right, and he
let what other people said get in his way. He inspired people to do better. I love this school."

Jayden – Grade 5

"I saw my older friends coming back home after finishing college and university and getting regular jobs. They were teachers, lawyers, sales people and I thought maybe if this Michael Jordan thing doesn't work out maybe I should start focussing on academics because they had learned to balance academics and athletics and they were finding success," said Drummond.

Dwight Drummond & 2 students"I also saw people who didn't do that and didn't pay attention to school and were convinced they were going to be a professional athlete and they were doing so well in school. I started to change things up and focus on my school work."

"Lincoln Alexander achieved a lot of things. I'm thankful we have this school to come to. I think of his quote: 'Excellence has many faces, and it inspires me to come to school."

Nicholas – Grade 5

Grade 8 student Iqra who attended the presentation said the message she received was that "no matter who you are, anything can be achieved…just believe in yourself."

Principal Kara Trumbley-Novak believes Dwight Drummond captured the essence of Lincoln Alexander in a modern and engaging way for all of our students.

"As a staff, we believe in igniting a passion for learning within our students and empowering them to make a difference in our community. We are committed to developing our students to be actively engaged citizens and leaders," says Trumbley-Novak.