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Ignite Learning

​Every day, the people of the DDSB give so much of themselves to contribute to a better future for our students.  This work unfolds in spaces such as lunchrooms, special education classrooms, gymnasiums, playgrounds, and offices across the ancestral and treaty land upon which our schools are located.  This project aims to connect us from corner to corner of the DDSB to help us become better known to each other, and to the students and parents we serve. 

Through this, we can develop an appreciation for our various lives and stories.  This is what shapes who we are, and profoundly affects our approach as we collectively strive to Ignite Learning.

"We are DDSB" will remain synonymous with diversity, inclusion and equity.

Tanya Hawthorne
Tanya discusses how being raised in a unique blend of cultures has influenced who she is.  Her parents' and grandparents' bravery, and approach to initiating change has had a large impact on her career in Leadership.

"...If you see something thats not right, you do something."

I am Tanya Hawthorne... and this is my story.  Click here.jpg

Alphonso Garcia
Alfonso explains how being a teacher and seeing it 'click' for children is exhilarating.  He speaks of overcoming childhood bullying and how he persevered through life's challenges with the help of great friendships and influential mentors.

"...I am preceived as..
. a
math person.  But there's a lot
more than that."

I am Alfonso Garcia... and this is my story.  Click here.jpg

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