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Student Enrolment Summaries/Projections
Each year, the Ministry of Education requires an enrolment reporting of actual pupil enrolment as of October 31st, each school year for both elementary and secondary pupils.
The Official Enrolment Projections are prepared each spring by Planning staff, in conjunction with Operations staff.  Input is received from both elementary and secondary school Principals to produce the Official Enrolment Projections for the next school year. The methodology used to produce the projections can be found in the Appendices of each document.  Official Enrolment Projections are prepared to determine the number of pupils expected to be enrolled at each DDSB school.
The Enrolment Summary is a school by school, grade by grade breakdown of the actual recorded enrolments as of October 31 and are submitted to the Ministry of Education.

For information regarding enrolment summaries prior to the
2012-2013 school year, please contact our Property and Planning Department via e-mail at: Planning.Department@d​ or by phone 905-666-6434 or 1-800-339-6913 ext. 6434.