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Durham District School Board
Ignite Learning
Superintendents of Education

David Visser, Associate Director/
Business/Facilities Services/Transportation
Supervisor of Facilities Office Services:  Karen Chambers
ph: 905-666-6433, email
Business/Transportation Administrative Assistant:  Kristin Talbot
ph: 905-666-6459, email

Superinten​dent Luigia Ayotte
Program Services
Administrative Assistant:  Corinne Creagmile
ph: 905-666-6356,  email

Superintendent John Bowyer 
Safety and Security
Administrative Assistant:  Lori Clint
ph: 905-666-6373,  email

Superintendent Mark Fisher
Operations/Leadership Development
Administrative Assistant:  Brenda Cannon
ph: 905-666-6351, email

Superintendent John Legere 
Special Education/Grove School
Administrative Assistant:  Diane Kent
ph: 905-666-6371 email

Superintendent Camille Taylor 
Employee Relations
Administrative Assistant:  Wendy Knowlton
ph: 905-666-6343, email

Superintendent Mohamed Hamid 
Family of Schools
Administrative Assistant:  Lori Clint
ph: 905-666-6373,  email

Superintendent Richard Kennelly
Family of Schools/DASS/DCE
Administrative Assistant:  Pam Ridley
ph: 905-666-6905, email

Superintendent Anne Marie Laginski 
Family of Schools/School Support Initiative
Administrative Assistant:
Nicky Williams, ph: 905-666-6486, email

Superintendent Jim Markovski
Family of Schools/Poverty
Administrative Assistant: Tanja Lamanna
ph: 905-666-6376, e​mail

Superintendent Silvia Peterson
Family of Schools
Administrative Assistant:  Michelle Inwood
ph: 905-666-6369, email

Superintendent Martine Robinson 
Family of Schools/Parent Involvement/School Councils/Community Engagement
Administrative Assistant:  Michelle Chassels
ph: 905-666-6379, email