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Durham District School Board
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Families of Schools

​Ajax High School — J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate
Superintendent of Education: Martine Robinson
Administrative Officer:  Eleanor McIntosh, email
Administrative Assistant:  Michelle Chassels, email

Ajax High School​
Bolton C. Falby PSCadarack​que PSCarruthers Creek PS
Duffin's Bay PS​Lakeside PS​Southwood Park PS​


J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate ​ ​
Applecroft PSda Vinci PS​Dr. Roberta Bondar PS​
Lester B. Pearson​ PSLord Elgin PS​Nottingham PS​
Roland Michener PS​Roméo Dallaire PS​Terry Fox PS​


Anderson CVI — Donald A. Wilson SS — Henry Street HS
Superintendent of Education: Mohamed Hamid
Administrative Officer: Greg Island, email
Administrative Assistant: Lori Clintemail

Anderson CVI
​Bellwood PSC.E. Broughton PSDr. Roberta Bondar PS
Pringle Creek PS


Donald A. Wilson SS
Captain Michael VandenBos PSJack Miner PSJulie Payette PS
Meadowcrest PSRobert Munsch PSWilliamsburg PS

Eastdale CVI — G.L. Roberts CVI — O'Neill CVI
R.S. McLaughlin CVI

Superintendent of Education: Silvia Peterson
Administrative Officer:  Margaret Lazarus, email
Administrative Assistant:  Michelle Inwood, email

Eastdale CVI
​Clara Hughes PSCoronation PSDavid Bouchard PS
Forest View PSHarmony Heights PSVincent Massey PS


G.L. Roberts CVI
Bobby Orr PSDr. C.F. Cannon PSGlen Street PS
​Lakewoods PS

O'Neill CVI
Beau Valley PSDr. S.J. Phillips PSHillsdale PS
Kedron PSMary Street Community​Queen Elizabeth PS
​Sunset Heights PS


R.S. McLaughlin CVI
Adelaide McLaughlin PSCollege Hill PSJeanne Sauvé PS
Stephen Saywell PSVillage Union PS​Walter E. Harris PS
​​Waverly PSWoodc​rest PS​

Brock HS — Brooklin HS — Sinclair SS — Uxbridge SS
Superintendent of Education: Jim Markovski
Administrative Officer: Greg Island, email
Administrative Assistant: Tanja Lamannae​mail

Brock HS
Beaverton PSMcCaskill's Mills PSSunderland PS​
Thorah Central PS


Brooklin HS
Blair Ridge PSBrooklin Village PSChris Hadfield PS
Winch​ester PS

Sinclair SS
Fallingbrook PSGlen Dhu PSJohn Dryden PS
Ormiston PSSir Samuel Steele PS


Uxbridge SS
Goodwood PSJoseph Gould PSQuaker Village PS
Scott Central PSU​xbridge PS

Dunbarton HS — Pine Ridge SS — Port Perry HS
Superintendent of Education: Anne Marie Laginski
Administrative Officer: Eleanor McIntosh, email 
Administrative Assistant:  Nicky Williams, em​ail

Dunbarton HS
Altona Forest PSElizabeth B. Phin PSFairport Beach PS
Frenchman's Bay PSGandatsetiagon PSHighbush PS
Rosebank Road PSWestcreek PS


Pine Ridge SS
Bayview Heights PSGlengrove PSMaple Ridge PS
Sir J.A. Macdonald PSValley Farm PSVaughan Willard PS
​William Dun​bar PS

Port Perr​y HS
Cartwright Central PSClaremont PSEpsom PS
Greenbank PS
Prince Albert PS
R.H.​ Cornish PS
S.A. Cawker PS
Valley View PS


Maxwell Heights SS — Pickering HS
Durham Alternative SS — Durham Continuing Education​

Superintendent of Education: Richard Kennelly
Administrative Officer:  Margaret Lazarus, email
Administrative Assistant:  Pam Ridley, email

Maxwell Heights SS
Gordon B. Attersley PSNorman G. Powers​ PSPierre Elliott Trudeau PS​
Seneca Trail PSSherwood PS


Pickering HS
Alexander G. Bell PSEagle Ridge PSLincoln Al​exander PS
Lincoln Avenue PSMichaëlle Jean PSVimy Ridge PS
Westney Heights PS